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White styrofoam


From £15.25 inc.VAT

White styrofoam.

Brilliant white. First grade - our best quality white Styrofoam.

This Styrofoam may have a few small dents and scratches, which can be easily filled and sanded to give a smooth flat surface. Pristine surfaces/edges cannot be guaranteed.

Density: 30kg m³

If you require a larger sheet, see 'Styrofoam, white A large sheet' below. Also see below for our 2nd quality white Styrofoam (zero stock available will result in that link not being seen).

Lightweight and easy to handle.

Consistent texture through and through, without gaps and holes.

Easier to cut, shape, glue, paint and cover than any expanded polystyrene.

Finely textured surface provides a smoother finish for model making projects, whether painted or covered. Great for precise model building

An information sheet is available for this product.

The best tool type to use to cut this material is a hot wire cutter (see below). Draw or push the Styrofoam slowly so as not to damage the heated wire (expanded polystyrene offers much less resistance).

Ensure any paints and adhesives do not contain any solvent, as this will melt the material. That can be used for artistic effect as can be seen on this sheet (using grey Styrofoam).

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