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Black tissue paper
Black tissue paper


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Black tissue paper

  • 500 x 700mm
  • 18gsm
  • Acid free.
  • Pack of 5 sheets.

Use cellulose dope to shrink over a frame – securely adhere the tissue to a frame and allow the glue to dry. Brush cellulose dope over the tissue which will cause it to shrink, creating a tight skin within the frame.

This technique has been used historically in the creation of light-weight model planes.

The tissue will end up semi-transparent and slightly yellow. It is equally suitable for representing textile elements on architectural models (paint after treatment).

This tissue may also be used to ‘dress’ a 1:25 figure (or larger).

Using fine snips, cut pieces in a similar way to a dressmaking pattern and apply directly to the figure, having dampened the tissue. Damp tissue will drape more realistically.

Use PVA adhesive to adhere, as this is water-based. When dry, the tissue can be painted, using a dry-brush technique to emphasise the folds.

Also use for: Gift Wrapping, Papercraft, Flower Making, Decorations, Stained Glass, Cut Outs, Picture Making and Collage.

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