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Tree armatures


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C&C available

Tree armatures 75 – 100mm high assorted.

Pack of 16.

Speckle lighter or darker shades to create a textured appearance on the trunk. Use these armatures to represent many different deciduous tree profiles. Twist the central trunk a little then branches through 90°, tweaking each twig to create a fully three-dimensional shape.

Either glue on pieces of texture mat (see below) to create foliage, or pieces of horsehair (see below) then texture for a fuller-look. Please resist the urge to use lichen – this does not give a realistic appearance in our opinion!

Drill holes in your base to ‘plant’ using the spigot (or press through a foam base), or cut the spigot off and use clay or Newplast to fix to your model. Alternatively, use Miliput (painted) to create a base (make on polythene so it doesn’t stick) when you want to be able to move the tree(s) around for gaming.

Whilst strictly too large for these trees, you could superglue on brass deciduous leaves (LP00015) for a stylised tree – suitable for animation and fantasy applications, of for creating detailed shrubs for larger models. Paint the leaves while on the frame, if you want anything other than brass appearance.

We know this product is useful for so many applications, but supply is sporadic. Therefore this might disappear from view for long periods when we run out of stock and are waiting for the supplier to restock. We think it’s better to have it sporadically than not at all – we hope you agree (let us know via

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