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Light green foliage branches
Dark green foliage branches
Autumn foliage branches
Dry leaves foliage branches


£10.10 inc.VAT

Wire foliage branches.

Pack of 60 branches/plants.

See drop down box for varieties available.

These branches can be used as individual plants or, attached to a wire armature, a large tree can be modelled.

Great for dense planted areas, especially if a combination of packs/colours is used.

Also to add a greater variety of shapes to your model, when mixed with other plants in our inventory.

Used on their own or planted in groups, shrubs can be created for larger scale models. The ‘trunk’ is approximately 1.5mm in diameter and a drilled hole with glue is the best way to include on your model. The fact that they are made from twisted wire can be clearly seen. A fair bit of work will need to be done to shape the pieces once out of that pack.

Trunks are fawn colour on each variety.

The light green is quite different to the 4D light green texture (brighter) and will match LT40007 hedge.

The dark green branches are slightly darker and there’s a little more blue than the 4D dark green, but quite a close match.

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