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Worbla Black Art
Worbla Black Art
Worbla Black Art


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Worbla’s Black Art.

Worbla’s Black Art has a finer texture to give a smoother finish than Worbla’s Finest, allowing for finer detaiiing both for sculpting and for building detail onto a piece.

Worbla’s Black Art lets you spend far less time priming to get a shiny surface, compared to Worbla’s Finest Art, and can even be left unprimed for a surface closer to EVA foam, and takes fine, sharp detail better than Worbla’s Finest Art can achieve.

Worbla’s Black Art, like Worbla’s Finest Art, is a thermoplastic that activates at 90°C and can be moulded and shaped by hand. When heated, it is self adhesive and pieces can be joined without adhesive. Like the rest of the Worbla line, Worbla Black has 0% waste as all scraps can be reblended and reused.

See our guide to Working with Worbla.

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