Model Making Materials

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1.0mm x 75m soft aluminium wire
1.5mm x 9.75m soft aluminium wire
1.5mm x 30m soft aluminium wire
4.5mm x 5m soft aluminium wire
2.0mm x 20m soft aluminium wire


From £4.50 inc.VAT

Soft aluminium animation armature wire.

This aluminium modelling wire is soft and malleable enough for shaping and bending with just hands, whilst still being rigid enough to maintain its shape.


  • Wire length: various (see drop down box).
  • Wire thickness: various (see drop down box).
  • Wire does not spring back making it ideal for animation and stop-motion.
  • Perfect for use with large armatures as well as stand alone modelling.
  • Other uses include: doll making, jewellery, flower arranging and countless craft applications.


Made from 1.5mm wire (SW20006)

The figures above were made from 1.5mm armature wire.

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