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Light purple leaf punch
Light purple leaf punch
Grey leaf punch
Grey leaf punch
Yellow leaf punch
Yellow leaf punch
Leaf punch miniature leaves for craft & design projects
Leaf punched real leaves
Leaf punched real leaves


£12.60 inc.VAT

Leaf punches.

Use these Green Stuff World punches to create miniature leaves on scale models, animation sets, scenic dioramas or for decorative craft & design projects.

Paper and other sheet material can be used, but Green Stuff recommend using dried leaves*.


  • Adhere to your project using PVA glue or superglue.
  • These leaves could be used on a twisted-wire trunk armature (covered with Foamcoat or filler).
  • Yellow punch (branch) is best used with soft metal (eg RM50005).


Leaf punches

  • Light purple (LP90049) 3 x Oak leaf for 1:48 to 1:35 (makes leaves approx 5 x 4mm).
  • Grey (LP90052) 4 x assorted leaves (Maple, Red maple, Sycamore, Poplar) for 1:48 to 1:35 (makes leaves approx 5 x 4mm).
  • Yellow (LP90053) 1 x branch for 1:22 to 1:65 (makes branch 9 x 15mm).


*Dry leaves between the pages of a book (weighted if a thin book). The colour will be preserved (although subject to fading with UV light, once on your model or picture).

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