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Micro Sol 1oz


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Micro Sol

Use Microscale Micro Sol setting solution for setting decals on difficult irregular model surfaces. It completely softens the decal, more than Micro Set, allowing it to conform perfectly to surface irregularities without distortion for a painted on look.


  • Best to apply Micro Set on the model where the decal is to be applied.
  • Apply with Micro Sol sfter decal is applied but before fully set/dried.
  • Apply with a soft brush, try to avoid moving/disturbing the piece.
  • Do not touch decal after applying Micro Sol, as the decal is now soft and can easily be distorted.
  • Allow decal to dry completely.


On irregular surfaces additional applications may be necessary. Allow Micro Sol to dry between applications, If air bubbles become trapped under the decal, prick with a needle and apply Micro Sol.

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