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Super Spray Baldiez


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Super Spray Baldiez.

400ml spraycan.

Super Spray Baldiez has two functions: to make a bald cap and to help with the application of prosthetics.

The aerosol is so much more convenient than using an airbrush, but there are some compromises on the results – mainly that a finer, more even result is possible with an airbrush.

The aerosol is convenient for small jobs and for those without fixed workshop facilities.

One needs a head form in order to create a bald cap. Apply a release agent (such as Epoxy Par Film) and spray on layers until you have the thickness you need (3-5 layers).

The application into the mould of first a petrol-based release agent, then a dry release agent, is recommended. Then spray on Baldiez to the mould including the flat edge around. When the prosthetic is cast and cured the Baldiez film makes smoother the application of it to the skin.

Unfortunately, due to postal restrictions, we cannot send this item overseas.

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