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Two Part Polyurethane Foam
Two Part Polyurethane Foam


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Two Part Polyurethane Foam.

A 2 part polyurethane foam kit that is mixed 1:1 by volume that expands up to 25 times, used for many applications including filling out hollow castings & creating light weight props.


  • Kit size: 2kg (1kg part A / 1kg part B).
  • Density: 1kg/0.029m³ (2.2lb/cu.ft.) Closed cell content - 90%
  • 1kg expands to approximately 1 cubic foot.
  • Mix: equal parts Part B to Part A by volume.
  • Best to mechanically mix for 20 seconds.
  • The foam will start to rise after 30-40 seconds.
  • Pour  immediately limiting thickness to 150mm per pour.
  • Very large voids can be filled by multiple pours allowing sufficient cooling time between.
  • Information sheet
  • Data sheet (part A)
  • Data sheet (part B)


This water blown PU foam system is suitable for in-situ marine buoyancy and for making bespoke single seater and sports car seat inserts.

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