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Zap Debonder 29.6ml


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Zap Debonder softens cured super glues into a jelly-like substance that is easily removed.

A few applications directly onto cured adhesive allows disassembly 4 minutes.

Uses: Zap Debonder works to remove cured CA glues from skin, work surfaces, most plastics, and model finishes. Zap Debonder can also be used to remove adhesive left from stickers, pen and marker inks, some paints and stains, decals, correction fluids and finger nail polish. You can use Zap Debonder to weatherise and highlight your models and soften CA glue prior to sanding.

Helpful Hints:
Zap Debonder is best applied directly from the bottle right onto the glue to be removed.
Zap Debonder works by softening the glue so it can be wiped away. Several applications may be necessary to completely remove all of the glue. To remove from your fingers or other body parts, apply Zap Debonder directly on the glue let it sit for a minute or so, rub the area with your finger, wipe away the softened glue and apply additional Zap Debonder if needed.

If your fingers are glued together apply Zap Debonder all around the area glued, let it work on the glue for a minute or so, then gently roll your fingers to loosen the glue, apply more and continue working the glued area until yours fingers separate.

To remove from a surface, apply directly to the glue and let sit for several minutes, wipe away the softened glue and repeat the application if required.

To weather your model apply debonder to a rag first and gently wipe the painted areas you wish to look worn.

Although Zap Debonder will work on most materials and paints, always test on samples for compatibility.

Safety Data Sheet

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