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0.05mm Copper sheet RM30000
0.1mm Copper sheet RM30009
0.1mm Copper sheet RM30009
0.1mm Copper sheet RM30001
0.1mm Copper sheet RM30001
0.3mm Copper sheet RM30006
0.5mm Copper sheet RM30008
0.6mm Copper sheet RM30003
0.6mm Copper sheet RM30003


From £13.30 inc.VAT

Copper sheet.

Copper tarnishes through handling (skin acid). Whilst we endeavour to send sheets in very good condition, you may find some of the surface is marked. Remove with Brass Restorer (see below).


  • Thickness: various (see drop down box).
  • Sheet sizes: various (see drop down box).
  • Pack size: various (see drop down box).
  • 0.5 and 1.0mm have a protective film on one side.
  • Copper is easy to solder or use 2-part epoxy adhesive.
  • Becomes green (verdigris) when oxidises.


Thin copper sheet (0.076 - 0.1mm) is very malleable and can be cut using scissors or a scalpel.

For thicker thicknesses use tinsnips or a fine razor saw to cut sheets 0.5mm+


Our Photo Etching Service can etch in copper if you are planning an intricate design.

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