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0.4 x 6.4mm brass strip
0.4 x 12.1mm brass strip
0.4 x 19.1mm brass strip
0.4 x 2.4mm brass strip
0.4 x 3.2mm brass strip
0.4 x 50.8mm brass strip
0.4 x 6.4mm brass strip
0.64 x 12.7mm brass strip
0.64 x 19.1mm brass strip
0.64 x 25.4mm brass strip


From £2.05 inc.VAT

Brass strip.

Brass strips for architectural model making, filigree work, engineering, frame construction, model railway, dioramas and other scratch building projects.


  • Strip length: 304mm
  • Strip width: various (see drop down box)
  • Can be milled, drilled, sawed, and soldered.
  • Cut using a circular saw or manually with a hacksaw. 
  • If you don't want to solder, best joined using a two part epoxy or superglue.


Brass forms a greyish-green layer on the surface, which you should remove (sand, polish) before soldering. After polishing, to preserve the shine, apply a clear laquer to the surface. Our Workshop staff use Hycote Clear Gloss on their brass etching work.

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