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Gedeo Crystal resin that perfectly imitates glass
Gedeo Crystal resin broken egg
Gedeo Crystal resin broken egg
Gedeo Crystal resin that perfectly imitates glass
Gedeo Crystal resin that perfectly imitates glass


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Gedeo Crystal resin 300ml.

Gedeo Crystal resin is a two component epoxy resin system (resin and hardener) has a high transparency and is non yellowing.

It cures solid and perfectly imitates glass.


It is used to mould decorative objects such as the bottom of platters, the decoration of surfaces and for jewellery.

For castings up to 50mm although it can be cast in a thin layer over an object to provide a varnished effect.

Do not exceed 150ml of crystal resin preparation per mix.

Broken egg made by staff member Paula from Gedeo Crystal resin, yolk from Super Sculpey (CC20023) coloured wirth acrylic paint (FO12005).


  • Surfaces: glass, ceramic, metal, silicone, painted wood, plastic.
  • Hardening time: Surface 12h / complete 24h
  • Shelf life: 6 months in a closed jar after opening.
  • Ideal storage temperature: 15°C to 25°C protect from freezing.
  • Cleaning: soap and water.


1. In a dry and clean mixing bowl begin by pouring 1 part B followed by 2 parts of A. 
2. Carefully mix the two parts, ensuring all areas are completely combined (incomplete mixing does not guarantee the hardening, mixing too strongly can create the appearance of bubbles). 
3. Transfer the mixture into a second mixing bowl and mix again to ensure the consistency of the resin for optimum hardening. 
4. Pour into the surface of your choice. 
5. Leave to dry in a dust free environment for 24 hours. The hardening is progressive and varies with the room temperature. 


​1. To minimise waste, fill your mould with water and pour it out into a measuring cup to ascertain the exact amount of each component needed: a third of the volume for the hardener and two thirds for the resin. 
2. The mixture is homogeneous when it becomes transparent. 
3. To give an appearance of shine to your projects, use the crystal resin in thin coats. 
4. You can shape the crystal resin (eg paste it around a bottle) by unmolding after 12 hours. The complete hardening occurs after 24 hours.


  • Pot life: 4-5 hours
  • Demould: 24 hours
  • Shore hardness: 15D
  • Information sheet (1.5Mb PDF).


Information sheet available for our Resin & Metal Casting Service (1.8Mb PDF).

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