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50mm light green deciduous model tree
75mm light green deciduous model tree
175mm light green deciduous model tree


From £0.38 inc.VAT

Etched deciduous summer green model tree.

Foliage colour: Light green shade (Pantone 384u).


  • Handmade by our Scenics Team.
  • Medium and dark summer green foliages shades also available (see below).
  • These finely detailed miniature trees come with a brown trunk.
  • Each model tree has a planting spigot as part of the etching.
  • Suitable for close up camera shots on architectural models, animation & theatre design sets, film & TV dioramas and on advertising models.
  • Also suitable for model railway layouts, miniature dioramas, scenic & landscape model making projects.



Most orders of sizes 6mm – 100mm would be supplied from our warehouse and so can often be dispatched on the same day the order is placed.

Please note:

  • Trees that are under 35mm come with a flat trunk.
  • The price is per tree.
  • These model trees are also available with white or fawn trunk (to order).
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