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Rolling pin Pavement
Rolling pin Pavement
Rolling pin Pavement
Rolling pin Pavement


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Rolling pin Pavement

Suitable for scales 1:32 to 1:50, this textured rolling pin is capable of pressing a continuous repeated pattern on clay and putties. Use to add floor texture to model making, war gaming, miniature base and diorama projects.

Curved stone pattern, stones vary a little in size with the largest being approximately 5mm x 4mm.


  • Made of clear, non-toxic PMMA plastic
  • Length 145mm, diameter 25mm
  • Roll across media for continuous pattern
  • Mix and knead media (clay, putty, polymer clay, Miliput) until ready
  • Roll to required thickness with a smooth rolling pin or tube
  • Best prepared on a smooth surface
  • Wet pin to prevent sticking
  • Roll slowly across the media using a consistent pressure
  • Excess is best trimmed off after drying/curing to prevent distortion of the pattern


Pictured example rolled with Super Sculpey.

A Green World Stuff product

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